169: Compliment Sandwich

Interview with Garrett Wang.

When Voyager first began, Ensign Harry Kim was a fresh Starfleet Academy graduate with a promising future. Young and gullible, he was often labeled the "green ensign" by fans. The actor behind the character, Garrett Wang, was also young when he landed the role in his mid-twenties. Beyond that similarity, however, Harry Kim is a far cry from the man who played him.

Wang's seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm is something fans often note when they meet him at conventions. He speaks honestly about his experience working on Voyager, giving equal footing to positive and negative aspects of it during panels. He does the same in this episode of To The Journey, where for the first time in TTJ history Char and Tristan talk with a main Voyager cast member. They discuss the untapped comedic talent Voyager had among its cast, Wang's Voyager movie pitch, reprising the role of Harry Kim for Star Trek Online, and much more.

Tristan Riddell and Charlynn Schmiedt

Garrett Wang

Tristan Riddell

Charlynn Schmiedt

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