184: Janeway Sideboob

"Resolutions" Commentary.

Sometimes when things in life get tough, you've got to indulge in a little bit of comfort. For Char and Tristan, that comfort is a heaping serving of Janeway and Chakotay goodness. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan indulge in "Resolutions," the episode that drove the J/C shippers wild 20 years ago...and still does. It's got the implausible romance setup of a man and a woman alone together on a planet, a bathtub, headboards, ancient legends, and of course, a primate. All the makings of a perfect love story for two people coming from vastly different backgrounds, but slowly coming together...until Tuvok and the Voyager crew come racing back to New Earth and rip them away from all that could have been. Le sigh.

Tristan Riddell and Charlynn Schmiedt

Tristan Riddell

Charlynn Schmiedt

Executive Producers
Charlynn Schmiedt, Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, and C. Bryan Jones

Associate Producers
Kenneth Trip, Jamie Duce, Bruce Lish, Dante Hopkins, Brian Beliso, Kay Janeway, and Joo Kim

Production Manager
Richard Marquez

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