Favorite Tom Paris / EMH Moments. 

Tom Paris and The Doctor may have been an unlikely comedic duo, but over seven seasons, both in and out of sickbay, they somehow became Voyager's Odd Couple. The relationship between Tom and The Doctor, however, runs deeper than mere comedy. Beneath all of the friendly banter, and the mostly friendly ribbing, lies genuine friendship, mutual respect, and lessons in life and humanity for both Tom and The Doctor.

In this episode of To The Journey, hosts Suzanne Williamson, Zachary Fruhling, and Kay Shaw share their favorite character moments between Voyager's irrepressible helmsman and its acerbic but compassionate Mark I Emergency Medical Hologram.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Bosom Buddies (00:01:50) 
Physician, Heal Thyself (00:05:05) 
...Even Mr. Paris! (00:06:42) 
Whatever You Say, Maestro (00:07:41) 
A Great Deal of Experience Being Rejected by Women (00:09:26) 
Make a Choice Before We Lose Them Both! (00:15:34) 
I Don't Want to Leave Her (00:18:02) 
I'll Be Here Redecorating Your Office (00:21:36) 
Thirty Three Years to Come Up with "Joe"!? (00:23:01) 
Remember, Patience is a Virtue (00:24:28) 
Adjust Your Spectral Frequency (00:31:22) 
The Fetid Mudpits of Palomar (00:33:26) 
You'll Be Ready For Neurosurgery in No Time (00:37:37) 
Because of the Pain We Shared (00:42:37) 
Closing (00:46:15)  

Suzanne Williamson, Zachary Fruhling, and Kay Shaw  

Kay Shaw (Editor) Suzanne Williamson (Producer) Zachary Fruhling (Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Bruce Lish (Associate Producer) Joo Kim (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Associate Producer) Patrick Carlin (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Brandon-Shea Mutala (Patreon Manager)  
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