Commander Chakotay.

You love him or you hate him, but it’s hard to feel lukewarm. Everybody has an opinion on the XO of the Voyager, and Tristan, Lorrie, and Char are no different. This week they delve deep into what the writers did well and what they missed out on. Can Chakotay handle an episode all on his own or does he end up like a beloved doctor from another series? Listen to find out and also to see what we think of vegetarians.

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Alpha-Quadrant Aliens in the Delta Quadrant.

We saw quite a few familiar faces from the Alpha Quadrant in the Delta Quadrant. This week, Tristan, Charlynn, and Lorrie discuss the Klingons, Ferengi, and others who showed up in the most unexpected places. We learn about things we’re glad were not displayed on those “Ferengi-fetish” necklaces, Tristan’s love of WWE, and why the Boslic were everywhere. 

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Underrated Voyager Episodes.

Sometimes, an episode just doesn’t get the love it deserves. This week, Tristan and Char tackle this problem and discuss three of their favorite underrated episodes, while also taking on Lorrie’s choices as well, since she was stuck in sickbay. We learn that Tristan is a sucker for character stories, Lorrie likes the episode where Janeway shoots germ-creatures with her big bulging biceps, and Char’s favorite part of “Tattoo” is where we see Chakotay’s bare behind. Oh, and the monkey is discussed as well. 

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