To The Journey 48: Sub Unit

Samantha and Naomi Wildman.

In this episode of To The Journey we continue our character analysis series with our favorite Katarian and her mom. Even though Naomi only had nineteen appearances, she made quite an impact on Voyager. She most definitely won the award for Least Annoying Kid on Star Trek. Tristan enjoyed the many versions of Naomi, Char cringed at her long gestation and horrifying birth, and Lorrie thought the writers just forgot about impregnating Samantha altogether. How do you feel about the pint-sized Captain’s assistant? 

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To The Journey 47: Transylvanian Arnold

Five-Episode Marathon.

What Voyager episodes would you watch if you had five hours to spare? In this episode of To The Journey we talk about our sentimental favorites and those episodes we just keep coming back to over and over again. Tristan remembers his dad’s feelings about Voyager, Charlynn gets her J/C moments, and Lorrie relives her first Voyager experience. What’s your ideal marathon? 

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To The Journey 46: Assimilate the Fro

Species 8472.

The baddies of fluidic space, Species 8472 get their share of talk time in this episode of To The Journey. We love the thrill of any alien who can beat the Borg, and these CGI dudes sure could. In the three (or four) episodes they had a part in, they really shone as unstoppable villains. Char loves that they almost convince Chakotay to settle on Random M-Class Planet with his gal Kathryn, Lorrie loves that Harry got to wear ramen noodles out of his nose because of them, and Tristan would’ve loved to have seen them in an afro. 

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To The Journey 45: Kenneth Batman Schweitzer

The Doctor.

Some characters stand out more than others in the Trek universe; and Voyager’s Doctor is one of them. In this episode of To The Journey we discuss the reasons why he is so memorable, from his extensive development throughout Voyager's seven-year journey to Robert Picardo's distinctive performance. We also discuss the list of names Doc tried but ultimately dumped. Char’s favorite is Schweitzer, while Tristan thinks he should have chosen Batman. Which name would you have chosen for The Doctor? 

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