To The Journey 78: Friendship or Death


In the hostile Delta Quadrant, Voyager and her crew were often on their own. This isolation not only united Starfleet and Maquis crews, but it spawned several friendships and a family dynamic that thrived throughout the series. In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn and Tristan talk about some of their favorite friendships on Voyager including why the show should have had more Janeway and Tuvok moments, why Harry ultimately became the third wheel when romance sparked between Tom and B'Elanna, The Doctor's longing for quality time with the captain, and much more. Listen on and see if Char and Tristan mention your favorite Voyager friendship.

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To The Journey 77: Straight From the Lizard's Mouth

Threshold Commentary. 

No Star Trek show is immune from its share of "stinker" episodes, but few are of such ill-repute that the writer eventually strikes them from canon. "Threshold" is such an episode, and despite its unpopular status among the masses, Char and Tristan actually enjoy watching it. And in this episode of To The Journey they do just that as well as comment, laugh, cry, lose tongues, spawn, and more. It's like they experience the entire universe in this one episode. Listen on and find out why Char and Tristan love to love the episode that everybody loves to hate.

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To The Journey 76: Orange Is the New Harry

Character Deaths.

Starfleet officers know that they risk death every time they put on the uniform, but some seem to face it more than others. This goes double for our beloved crew in the Delta Quadrant. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss the numerous and varied ways the Voyager crew died, nearly died, or wanted to die. And no, this is not all about Harry Kim, who is often regarded as Voyager's counterpart to Kenny on South Park. In fact, Char and Tristan compile a list of how many times each character died, and the results don't tally quite as expected. Who topped the list? Who died the least? Listen on and find out.

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