To the Journey 87: Timmy Likes Phasers

Introducing Kids to Voyager.

When asking fellow fans how long they've been watching Star Trek, "I've been watching it since I was a kid" is a common response. Many of us became cognizant of Star Trek when we were quite young. The franchise means a great deal to us as we grew up with it. Now those of us with children are introducing Star Trek to our kids, in hopes of propagating the next generation of Star Trek fans. 

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan take a suggestion from a listener and name the top five episodes of Voyager they would show to a young child, in hopes that they would be intrigued and entertained but not be subjected to content that would push the rating above PG.


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I Think He Likes It (3:04)

Story Time (7:15)

Maybe Boring (11:14)

Pick Me Up (15:59)

Fun for Adults (20:53)

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To The Journey 86: Slowly Adding the Grit

Voyager in Today's TV Environment.

When Voyager premiered in 1995, it launched with the fanfare of the much-hyped United Paramount Network. Almost 20 years later, UPN is now defunct and the landscape of television production has changed drastically. Major networks must not only compete with cable, but also with streaming services, such as Netflix, that have added a new dimension of how, when, and which shows are available to the masses. 

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss how Voyager might look and feel had it never aired in 1995 and was being produced for a 2015 release instead. They ponder the differences between how a major broadcasting company might produce the show compared to a cable network like AMC. They also imagine how fans would rabidly binge-watch a new Trek show on Netflix and how this would benefit the Star Trek community at large. Listen and find out if Char and Tristan think that the success of Cosmos would help a Star Trek series return to network TV, or if Voyager would have been in better company in the sexy and violent realms of HBO and Cinemax.


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Broadcast (5:13)

Cable (14:31)


Streaming (26:49)

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To The Journey 85: Pwning the Voyager

Rumored Voyager Episode Ideas.

People will say anything on the Internet. That's its beauty and its downfall. It's also why it's rarely wise to believe everything you read—because most of it probably isn't completely true. However, in this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan ignore their better instincts and discuss a list of rumored Voyager episode ideas that circulated the Internet in 1997 and 1998. Some ideas sound vaguely familiar, probably because they did eventually turn into aired episodes. For others, Char and Tristan are glad the writers dropped the notion. Still, the list includes a couple of gems that didn't make it on the show; and that's just tragic. Listen on and find out what the Voyager writers might have been considering for episodes in Seasons Three and Four.


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Sounds Familiar (3:48)

Blue on Blue (4:28)

Revolution (6:44)

Black Hole Sun (8:30) 

Rabbit Hole (9:54)

Just, no. (14:07)

On the Bounty (16:19)

Tight Spot (18:39)

You Have No Idea (19:17)

Circle of Trust (22:09)

P-O'd (23:48)

Her? (27:39)

Hackers (29:09)

Evil (32:05)

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To the Journey 84: Even Nerds Can Be Fit

Voyager as the "Soundtrack to Your Life."

Star Trek fans are well known for their loyalty to the franchise, and their devotion is a part of why the shows still have life today. Many fans started watching some incarnation of Trek at a young age and will remain fans for life. Tristan and Char are no different, and in this episode of To The Journey they talk about how their teenage years were influenced by Voyager. We discuss some of our favorite memories of how Voyager came to be intertwined with their life experiences (and vice-versa) and became a part of the "soundtrack to their lives." Listen on and hear about how "Threshold" influenced Char's life (no, really), find out which episode resonates with Tristan as the point when he knew he was locked in as a Trek fan, and much more.

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