Voyager: The Ship.  

In this episode of To The Journey we're talking Voyager! But not Voyager, the show; this time we're talking Voyager, the ship! From Delta Quadrant upgrades to socializing the bio-neural gel packs, join hosts Suzanne Williamson, Zachary Fruhling, and Kay Shaw as they push the envelope at Warp 9.976 and compare notes on what they love about the U.S.S. Voyager and which parts of Voyager's design don't quite add up.  

Intro (00:00:00) 
Warp Nacelles and Impulse Drive (00:01:29) 
Decks and Dimensions (00:04:03) 
The Mess Hall (00:09:19) 
What is Voyager Missing? (00:10:48) 
Delta Quadrant Kluge (00:11:42) 
Bio-Neural Terrariums - Socializing the Gel Packs (00:14:07) 
Warp 9.976? (00:19:22) 
Voyager or The Voyager? (00:25:19) 
Sickbay Mood Lighting (00:29:05) 
Which Parts of Voyager's Design Don't Make Sense? (00:29:54) 
Bacon Cheeseburger Rations (00:30:43) 
Voyager's Bridge and the Center Seat(s) (00:33:24) 
Interior Decorating on Voyager (00:36:33) 
Stellar Cartography vs. Astrometrics (00:42:37) 
BluBlockers and Bird Legs (00:44:34) 
Closing (00:47:19)  

Suzanne Williamson, Zachary Fruhling, and Kay Shaw  

Kay Shaw (Editor) Suzanne Williamson (Producer) Zachary Fruhling (Producer) C. Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Kenneth Tripp (Executive Producer) Bruce Lish (Associate Producer) Joo Kim (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Brandon-Shea Mutala (Patreon Manager)

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To The Journey 50: Science Vessel Done Right

Voyager. Our Ship.

From the first moment we saw her docked at Deep Space 9, we all knew Voyager was different than any ship we’d seen before. Learning about her technical specs and seeing her do cool things—like actually landing on a planet—made us like her more and more. In this episode of To The Journey we turn our attention to Voyager, our lovely ship. Charlynn thinks she turned out just right, Tristan thinks she’s sexy (from the other side of the room’s discussion), and Lorrie thinks she’s aerodynamic. Any way you look at her, she’s perfect for the show. What did you think of the little ship that could?

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To The Journey 38: Take It Out for a Ride

Life On Voyager.

In this episode of To The Journey we get personal and share what we would have liked to have done if we were living on the ship. We choose a character, a position, and an era in Voyager’s journey. The answers really show our diverse personalities. Lorrie wants to be reincarnated as a purple alien, Char wants to return to her adolescence, and Tristan… well he wants to perform the Riker Maneuver. What would you do as a crewman/officer on Voyager? 

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