To The Journey 52: Hot Date with Netflix

Season One Marathon.

Regular listeners know that TTJ loves its lists. And in this episode of To The Journey Char and Tristan combine that with another favorite thing—Voyager marathons. Char insists that any season one marathon must begin with “Caretaker,” and Tristan raves about “Jetrel,” which told the backstory of his favorite Talaxian. Listen on and find out which other season-one episodes made their lists!

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To The Journey 51: Coping Mechanism

Dealing with the end of Voyager.

How do you cope with the loss of a great show? In this episode of To The Journey Char and Tristan answer that very question in this week’s episode. Voyager ended with what some might call a “fizzle” as opposed to a “bang.” So where do you go from there? Marathons? Novels? Comics? Audiobooks? Fanfic? Garage reenactments where nothing weird is going to happen? Listen and find out.

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To The Journey 50: Science Vessel Done Right

Voyager. Our Ship.

From the first moment we saw her docked at Deep Space 9, we all knew Voyager was different than any ship we’d seen before. Learning about her technical specs and seeing her do cool things—like actually landing on a planet—made us like her more and more. In this episode of To The Journey we turn our attention to Voyager, our lovely ship. Charlynn thinks she turned out just right, Tristan thinks she’s sexy (from the other side of the room’s discussion), and Lorrie thinks she’s aerodynamic. Any way you look at her, she’s perfect for the show. What did you think of the little ship that could?

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To The Journey 49: Bat’leth to the Face

Workforce Rewrite.

Don’t you hate it when Input Error 415 and Command Code Violation 2308 ruin your day at the office? So do we. And we’re going to do something about it. In this episode of To The Journey we rewrite of the lovely two-parter “Workforce.” We take the lukewarm show and try to inject some life into it. Tristan turns the work planet into a gulag, Charlynn squeezes some J/C love out of it, and Lorrie wants the Doctor to save the day. What would you do with “Workforce”?

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