The Vidiians.

From the moment we saw them in “The Phage” to the mention of their cure in “Think Tank,” the Vidiians were an enemy to our intrepid crew. In this episode of To The Journey we tackle one of Voyager’s most horrifying villains, including what made them such a terrifying threat, our impressions of them as a race, and our respect for their survival techniques. Char makes us never look at Klingon B’Elanna the same way again, Tristan once again impresses us with his impressions—this time as Roxann Dawson with plastic teeth—and Lorrie might never use a quilt again without looking closely at the pattern.

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To The Journey 32: No Palm Trees On Vulcan

Blood Fever Commentary.

It’s time to roll around in the dirt in this episode of To The Journey as we watch and discuss Voyager’s legendary Pon farr episode. Vorik chooses B’Elanna as his mate, and she punishes him for it. Tommy Boy shows his creamy center as he acts like a gentleman towards the woman of his dreams. Tristan does commentary in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger… doing commentary. Char imitates… someone. And Lorrie likes the shiny-shine costumes. Get your DVD or Netflix ready, and watch along! 

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To The Journey 31: Jeri of Ryan

Seven of Nine.

Voyager’s resident Borg is next up on our continuing character analysis. Her introduction radically changed the landscape of the show, bringing the character into the spotlight time and time again. We discover that Char wanted Seven to go grunge, Lorrie enjoyed her “Borgness,” and Tristan still harbors a secret cardboard standup of her in a closet in his parent’s home. Were you able to resist or was it just futile? 

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To The Journey 30: Deal with the Devil

Janeway’s Treatment of the Prime Directive.

Throughout Voyager’s run, our intrepid captain often faced criticism for behavior which seemed to violate Starfleet General Order 1. In this week’s episode of To The Journey we discuss our varied opinions about Captain Janeway’s decisions. Was she an altruistic savior of the Delta Quadrant or a selfish, stubborn interloper?


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