To The Journey 44: You Elitist Munchkins

Voyager’s Funniest Moments.

Voyager arguably has some of the funniest, most memorable moments in all of Star Trek. In this episode of To The Journey we talk about our faves—including Jeri Ryan’s amazing comedic talents. We learn that Tristan thinks she almost out-doctors the Doctor in "Body and Soul" and Lorrie thinks she could probably recite the Rules of Acquisition from her performance in "Infinite Regress." But Char stuck with Janeway and her understanding of the caffeine orgasm in "Bride of Chaotica!" What are your funniest moments? 

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To The Journey 43: Borg Babies

Collective Commentary.

Adolescent drones is what every starship needs running around, right? In this episode of To The Journey we take on the not-oft remembered episode which introduces us to the Borg kids—"Collective." It starts with the boys playing poker and ends with Seven in new clothes! Needless to say, our discussion takes us to places you'd expect, and a few you wouldn't. We find out that Char thinks the First Contact uniforms look sleek, Lorrie doesn't remember the Borg cubes, and that Tristan is thankful for Icheb. What did you think of those Borg babies?

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To The Journey 42: You're Leaking

The Malon.

Our in-depth study of Voyager aliens continues in this episode of To The Journey as we turn our attention to the Malon. That may sound very serious, but in reality we talk about those leaky, bumpy guys and all the havoc they wreak in the Delta Quadrant. Char likes their no-nonsense handling of everyone they meet, Lorrie enjoys the reflection of our own society seen in them, and Tristan loves their neat, junky ship. How do you feel about the Malon? 

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To The Journey 41: Just His Gloves

The Fight Rewrite.

Sometimes after watching an episode, don't you just shake your head and think "I could've done better than that!"? So it is with “The Fight.” In this episode of To The Journey we all try our hands at either throwing out the whole thing and starting over, or keeping the least painful parts and turning it into hopefully something better. Char has Chakotay feel the love, Tristan has the man face his defective gene head-on, and Lorrie just throws in an homage to "Rocky." What would you have done with "The Fight"? 

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