To The Journey 36: Dressed Down

Tough Love.

Everyone’s getting a good lesson in this week’s episode of To The Journey. We talk about those times when our characters needed a good smack or just a stern talking-to. Char goes for the overdramatic pip removal, Tristan loves a strong left hook, and Lorrie likes when Janeway just takes no excuses. What are your favorite tough love moments?

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What’s the Delta Quadrant’s answer to Siri and Google Maps? Why Neelix, of course! The king of the leola root is not many a Star Trek fan’s favorite, but we all agree he was a necessity to the Voyager crew. In this episode of To The Journey we take a close look at Janeway’s Sacajawea. Lorrie likes his “ask forgiveness, not permission” attitude, Char liked him when he wore spaghetti, and Tristan just generally likes him. How do you feel about the “bar rodent”? 

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To The Journey 34: Space Alzheimer’s

Fury Rewrite.

Kes was a sweet, kindhearted, loving little sprite when she left Voyager—and then came the episode “Fury.” We couldn’t let our girl go out like that, so this week we each salvage or totally rewrite the agony we saw onscreen. Char decides Kes needs to go all Al Gore in Ocampa, Tristan hooks her up with “man unknown,” and Lorrie uses the “Bob Newhart” approach. What would you have done with the hot mess that was “Fury”? 

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