To The Journey 83: Up Against a Wall

Janeway's Worst Command Decisions.

With four pips comes enormous responsibility. This is an attribute that all of the captains in Star Trek, from James T. Kirk to Benjamin Sisko, have come to understand. The well-being of the crew and ship hangs in the balance with every decision made. Actions will affect not only the crew, but possibly impact entire civilizations—or in Captain Kathryn Janeway's case, an entire quadrant. Janeway faced this task without the help or, perhaps at times, the hindrance of Starfleet Command and the Federation. While she did perform well under pressure most of the time, she is human and therefore fallible. Did Captain Janeway accomplish the most favorable outcome for Voyager and her crew or was the Delta Quadrant truly her Kobayashi Maru?

In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn and Tristan discuss which of Janeway's command decisions were amongst her worst or most questionable. Should she have booted Neelix from the ship at the end of "Caretaker?" Was giving the Hirogen holographic technology Janeway's only option for ending the conflict in "The Killing Game"? Listen on and find out what Char and Tristan think of these moments and more.

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To The Journey 82: Mom Jeans

Persistence of Vision Commentary.

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan break out the coffee ice cream and do a commentary for Season Two's "Persistence of Vision." Topics include the numerous times The Doctor got shrunk, Neelix's meal serving schedule, Chakotay's disappearance in the turbolift, the numerous angles in which we see the Bun of Steel, and, of course, Torres's "sweet dream" of making out with Chakotay and how that wasn't awkward or weird at all. They aren't sure, but this might have all been a hallucination.

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To The Journey 81: Extreme Lower Back

Ultimate Season Six Marathon.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. You have absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to be. How do you spend this time? Chances are, you do what Char and Tristan do, and that is watch several episodes of Star Trek. In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan talk about which episodes they would pick for an ultimate Voyager Season Six marathon. Their picks aren't necessarily their favorites, nor are they in any particular order. Instead, they are selections for a superior marathon overall. Which episodes made their lists? Listen on and find out.

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To The Journey 80: Jheri Curl Crossover

Alpha Quadrant Characters/Actors.

For a ship that was stuck in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager had a decent amount of crossover with characters we knew in the Alpha Quadrant. On top of that, Star Trek often used a roster of regular guest actors for both one-off roles and recurring appearances. Some of these faces familiar to us were well-known at the time while others' careers took off after appearing on Star Trek. Some are known because they were on Star Trek! In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan discuss Alpha Quadrant actors and characters they wish would have made an appearance on Star Trek: Voyager. Which actor from Babylon 5 did Char want to see on Voyager? How would Tristan have put an X-Files actor on the show? Listen on and find out.

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To The Journey 79: Neelix Lost his Shoes

Displaced Rewrite.

Not all Voyager episodes are winners. Some are downright ugly and others are forgettably mediocre. Season Three's "Displaced" fits the latter, and in this episode of To The Journey Charlynn and Tristan give this story a rewrite. Both agree that the episode needed better action sequences and more of them, but differ on who should save the ship. Did Char appreciate the rarely seen "Action Chakotay!" sequences and want more of them? Did Tristan find yet another way to bring the monkey from "Resolutions" into the mix? Listen on and find out what they would have done to improved "Displaced."

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